Band Name Challenge

Let’s play a game. Write a band name for each letter of your name (or username). I wonder how many people have the same taste in music as me?

Iron Maiden

Stone Temple Pilots
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Avenged Sevenfold

Alice In Chains

That was actually harder than I thought. Names of terrible bands kept popping into my head, but I wanted to put ones I actually liked. Some of these I’m not a huge fan of, like Nirvana or Alice In Chains, but they’re the best I could think of. Also, if you’ve never listened to these bands before – do it. Most of them are classics (and then there’s Avenged Sevenfold that rip off the classics, but who I like anyway haha).

Who else dares take the band name challenge? And put your music taste out there to be judged by everyone else 😛


Handmade Guitar Felt Softies

So I felt like making a change from the usual dolls and hairclips I make, so I decided to make some little felt guitars! I had a look through some of my partner’s Metallica books (he’s a musician luckily haha), and found the inspiration for these two little dudes.

It took a little while to make the design and sew the strings, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Extra points if you know what the guitars are called!