Handmade Barbie Dresses

I found a fantastic tutorial over at Craftiness Is Not Optional. My daughter is forever undressing her Barbies and losing their clothes, and rather than be naked (or in the usual skimpy clothes) I decided to find a sweeter, classier alternative. And here it was – along with some other Barbie clothes tutorials I will be trying today – a few skirts, tops and a ball gown.

My dresses didn’t turn out the best, but hey, not bad for a first attempt.20150311_113354




They were so much fun to make, why not pop over to http://www.craftinessisnotoptional.com/2010/08/barbie-dress-tutorial.html and make some yourself 🙂


Handmade Guitar Felt Softies

So I felt like making a change from the usual dolls and hairclips I make, so I decided to make some little felt guitars! I had a look through some of my partner’s Metallica books (he’s a musician luckily haha), and found the inspiration for these two little dudes.

It took a little while to make the design and sew the strings, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Extra points if you know what the guitars are called!