The Real Meaning of YOLO

The life I live is far from glamourous.

I don’t:

*Go out for exotic cocktails with the girls,
*Eat expensive food with French names I can’t pronounce,
*Buy hundreds of dollars worth of designer clothes on maxed out credit cards,
*Have a bursting diary full of social events,
*Have constant messages or calls to my phone, or,
*Go to the opening of every new, trendy nightclub.

I do, however:

*Try to get the washing off the clothes line before the storm clouds roll in,
*Have to remind my 3 year old when it’s ‘toilet time’,
*Compare the price/value/quality of brand names vs. home brand groceries,
*Get embarrassingly excited when The Bold and the Beautiful comes on tv,
*Deal with poo nappies and the occasional milky vomit,
*Relax at the end of the night with a hot cup of tea and a novel or drawing pad – even on a saturday night.

Although my life may seem boring and predictable to some, it’s perfect to me. Some people like to live life fast and burn out quickly -and I’ll admit that was me when I was a teenager – but now that I’m older and wiser (and engaged with two children), I would much rather live life slowly and comfortably and hopefully be on this earth long enough to experience my children grow up, marry and have their own children, if that’s what they want.
There is no rush in life. If we’re lucky we are around for a long time so why no sit back and enjoy the small things; experience those special moments that may seen insignificant and trivial at the time, but which you’ll look back on in the future and cherish. I’m taking life as it comes – enoying the now yet still looking forward to the future. I have plans of eventually studying and doing volunteer work and (hopefully) embarking on my own small business adventures when both the girls are older, and I’m excited for it.
But right now I’m enjoying seeing my girls grow (it happens way too quickly), spending lots of time with my amazing partner, Michael, and living the life of a regular housewife – minus the glitz and glam of the women of Desperate Housewives (surely there aren’t actually mums who have the time and energy to do their hair and makeup immaculately while also keeping a pristine home AND working WITH children underfoot?!).
So today as I write this post, I sit in my ‘comfies’ (extremely daggy clohes I wouldn’t be caught dead in outside the comfort of my own home), drinking my sweet, milky tea and thinking of what tomorrow will bring. Surely a tantrum or two, maybe a wet bed or an exploding nappy, and maybe even some burnt cookies/chicken/cupcakes I’ve left and forgotten about in the oven (again). But I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way, because even when it gets incredibly tough and overwhelming (and believe me, it does), Michael and my girls get me through every day, and I go to bed smiling.
You Only Live Once. Don’t use YOLO as an excuse to get wasted every night and sleep with anyone you meet, but instead use it as inspiration to achieve your goals, to enjoy the people in your life, to help others and to make the world a better place. It is true you only live once, but you also only die once, so live a life you and your family will be proud of and don’t waste the amazing opportunity that is life.