Handmade Barbie Dresses

I found a fantastic tutorial over at Craftiness Is Not Optional. My daughter is forever undressing her Barbies and losing their clothes, and rather than be naked (or in the usual skimpy clothes) I decided to find a sweeter, classier alternative. And here it was – along with some other Barbie clothes tutorials I will be trying today – a few skirts, tops and a ball gown.

My dresses didn’t turn out the best, but hey, not bad for a first attempt.20150311_113354




They were so much fun to make, why not pop over to http://www.craftinessisnotoptional.com/2010/08/barbie-dress-tutorial.html and make some yourself 🙂


Handmade Zombie Doll

This is a Zombie doll that I created a few years ago. He took a long time to design and make, but it was SO much fun, especially making his face.

Tell me what you think. Do you like zombies? Is he something you’d play with? Would you let your children play with him?

IMG_20140507_145050 IMG_20140507_145044