Red Pen Girls

These are two drawings I just drew with a red pen. The paper has since crumpled unfortunately because I don’t really have anywhere to keep them (when you have 2 kids, the amount of storage you have for your own stuff is minimal).

20150305_184822  20150305_184835


Charcoal drawing the wrong way.


I need to use charcoals more. They’re lots of fun, but I have no idea how to ‘properly’ use them. I remember in high school, my art teacher would yell at the kids who smudged their charcoals and graphite to blend it. She’d say it wasn’t ‘real’ blending and wasn’t a proper technique, and they were doing it wrong.

Now, I have no idea at all. I havn’t studied art at all (though I’d like to), but I know HOW I like to draw. And that’s with smudging 😛

How do you like to draw with charcoals and pencils? Do you shade ‘properly’ or smudge the hell out of it like me?