My first attempt at dressmaking

So, yesterday I thought I’d try something different. I’ve made dresses for my daughter, Olivia before from upcycled adult skirts (add some elastic and straps – easy), but I decided to try my hand at drawing up my own pattern and making a dress ‘the hard way’.


It took some trial and error. I’m glad I decided to make it with some old sheet fabric instead of my ‘pretty fabric’, as I really thought at one stage I was going to throw it on the floor and give up (for the record, sleeves are not my friend).

But after hours, and I mean hours of sewing, unpicking and getting frustrated, I finally have a dress that I’m (mostly) happy with. The sleeves come to just below Olivia’s elbows and the hemline is below her knees. Perfect for the oncoming cooler weather.

I think I have the dressmaking bug now though. I’ve been looking at a lot of tutorials lately, and I might even try my hand at a dress for myself sometime!