In Baby’s adoring eyes, Daddy is a hero,
A strong caring man who’s always there.
In Baby’s naive mind, Daddy says ‘I love you,’
When Daddy really says ‘I don’t care.’
And through her rose coloured glasses,
Baby looks up at him with Mummy.
They look like they’re from a fairytale.
Daddy looks handsome, and Mummy looks beautiful,
Like the prince and princess in one of the books
That Mummy always reads to Baby.
But one day, Daddy is going, walking out on
Mummy and their little Baby.
Baby sees Daddy’s back as he walks away.
The silence following the fight between
Mummy and Daddy is deafening.
Baby wonders where Daddy is going,
And when he comes back,
Will he take her to the circus in town?
But the circus leaves, and Daddy is still gone.
And now the heartbroken Baby knows,
She may never see Daddy again.
So she cries for her Daddy,
And she wishes for her Daddy,
And she screams for her Daddy.
But crying and wishing and screaming
Won’t bring Daddy back again.
Daddy leaves Baby’s life, while leaving
A gaping hole in her innocent, trusting heart.
But it wasn’t Baby’s fault,
And she shouldn’t have to live with
The pain of not knowing.
Didn’t Daddy love her?
Or wasn’t she good enough?
Why was Daddy not there for her
When she needed it, especially now?
Baby’s finding it hard to remember, its been so long.
And her heart’s gaping hole is now filled with cement.
Not that different from Daddy’s.
Will Daddy’s heart ever soften?
Will he ever want to see Baby again?
Baby doesn’t know.
Many years have passed since Baby last saw her Daddy.
She’s finding it even harder to remember.
What did Daddy look like?
What did he sound like?
Did Daddy have his own smell?
Baby still can’t remember.
Then Baby breaks down, and once again,
She cries for her Daddy,
And she wishes for her Daddy,
And she screams for her Daddy.
But just like when he left, Daddy can’t hear.
And crying and wishing and screaming
Still wont bring Daddy back.
But one day, Baby knows, Daddy will wonder.
He will want to see his Baby again.
But then it will be too late,
Because by the time Daddy is interested,
Baby would have long lost hope.
And Daddy will only be another thing in Baby’s life,
That she could never never depend on.


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